Revenue generated from research and reproduction services helps defray CHRC’s operating costs, thus assisting in the preservation, management, and maintenance of its collections. All hourly requests as well as requests for digital imaging, other reproduction services, and the intended use of reproductions must be made in writing, via email, fax, or letter. Prepayment is required for all services and reproduction orders.

For payments, please send a check or money order made out to Catholic Historical Research Center to:

6740 Roosevelt Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19149


$40.00 for the first hour
$30.00 for each additional hour

Requests requiring paper copies or low-resolution PDF scans will be charged at the hourly rate plus the cost of copies. Hourly rates include the cost of up to 20 paper copies or 15 PDFs. If more copies are needed, researchers will be charged the per copy rate for each additional copy (see below).

Requests that require less than 15 minutes of research time will not be charged. If, however, the request requires photocopies, PDFs, or a written response, there will be $10.00 charge. This cost includes up to 5 copies. Additional charges will be applied if more than 5 copies are needed.

Requests that require 15-30 minutes of research will be charged $20.00. This cost includes up to 5 copies. Additional charges will be applied if more copies are needed.

Research requests requiring more than 3 hours of research cannot be performed by the CHRC staff.


Photocopies and low-resolution PDFs

Photocopies: .20 cents for letter size
.25 cents for legal size
.35 cents for 11” x 17”

PDFs: $1.00 per image

Paper copies will also include a charge for postage. If a CD is required for PDFs, there will be an additional cost of $5.00.

Digital Imaging Reproductions

All single-item reproductions are high-quality digital scans, and are sent as 300dpi (minimum), uncompressed TIFFs.

Costs for digital reproductions generally start at $10.00 per image. If search time is needed to locate images, CHRC’s hourly rate (see above) will be applied.

If a CD is required, an additional $5.00 will be charged.

Usage: Depending on how an image is being used, there may be a usage fee of $100.00 per image.

Photographic Prints: CHRC does not have the capacity to make photographic prints. If a photographic print is required the cost is $25.00, plus the cost of reproduction. If the reproduction requires a negative to be made, CHRC retains the negative.


CHRC is unable to offer monetary appraisals of manuscripts, books and artifacts. A list of appraisers is available through the Appraisers Association of America, or refer to your local Yellow Pages.